Natural Farming

Our winemaking philosophy is based on the belief that great wines always begin in a vineyard that is farmed in harmony with nature.
For almost twenty years we have been using a system of integrated pest management and our wines and olive oil are fully certified as organic by ICEA since 1999.

In 2006, we began using biodynamic methods which are a natural compliment to traditional Italian farming practices.


Fattoria Colle Verde’s ‘natural farming’ practices in the vineyard include:

  • using biodynamic preparation 500 to improve the soil’s natural fertility
  • using only copper- and sulphur-based products for pest control
  • spraying biodynamic and/or organic teas on the canopy
  • creating a bio-diverse habitat by letting portions of the property remain uncultivated to provide a wild habitat for beneficial insects and natural predators


“The best fertilizer in all the world are the footsteps of the farmer” (Alex Podolinski / Masanobu Fukuoka)

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