Matraja Extravirgin Organic Olive Oil

//Matraja Extravirgin Organic Olive Oil

Matraja Extravirgin Organic Olive Oil

***Eur 20,00 per bottle

Matraja Extravergine Olive Oil is created by the traditional method of first crushing the olives into a paste, then soft-pressing the paste and finally using centrifuge to separate the oil from the water which is naturally contained in all olives. Our oil is a rich golden green and has a crisp, fresh nose that hints of artichokes, almonds, and cypress leaves. Its mild fruity flavor has notes of Mediterranean wild greens and bitter-peppery tones on the finish. It is excellent with raw vegetables, fresh mozzarella, or to dress pastas, soups, wild mesclun salads, and white meats.

The Colleverde olive groves contain approximately 3,000 trees. The varieties cultivated are Frantoio (80%), Leccino and Moraiolo. Each tree produces an average of 1 liter of olive oil. Organic/Biodynamic practices are applied throughout all stages of production. Cold pressing takes place in the Estate’s oil press.


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Packaging:500 ml. square bottles, 6 or 12 bottles box
Organic Certification:ICEA

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