Matraja Olio “Fiore” EVO Organic

//Matraja Olio “Fiore” EVO Organic

Matraja Olio “Fiore” EVO Organic

***Eur 33,00 per bottle

Our Affioramento Extra-virgin Olive Oil totally avoids the pressing and centrifuge steps as we simply let gravity allow the oil to naturally drip down from the crushed olive paste. Water is removed by placing the liquid in specially made containers where the oil – lighter than water – floats to the surface. This ancient process recalls the blossoming of flowers and gave this unique oil its traditional name of “Olio Fiore”.

It has a lovely golden-yellow color and displays a balanced, harmonious fruity nose. Wonderfully delicate on the palate with distintive herbal flavors it is the ideal companion for seafood dishes.


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Color:golden-yellow, faintly veiled
Nose:well balanced and harmonious, with hints of green olives and grass
Palate:mild-fruity flavor, delicate on the palate and with distinctive herbal flavors
Pressing:Affioramento process
Packaging:750 ml. bottles, 6 or 12 bottles box
Organic Certification:ICEA

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