Fattoria Colle Verde produces 100% of the grapes used in its wines in our own vineyards located in Matraia, an area included in the appellations ‘Colline Lucchesi’ DOC and ‘Costa Toscana’ IGT.

We have 35 acres of vines across a wide valley dropping from 984 to 328 feet above sea level. Shielded by the Apennine Mountains from the harsh Tramonte winds blowing down from the North, the estate’s vineyards benefit from a distinctive microclimate cooled by mild sea breezes blowing off the Mediterranean which lies just 17 miles to the West.

While the land has been farmed for hundreds of years, the present layout of the vineyard dates from 1948, and has since undergone two major replantings. Currently the vineyard is planted primarily with S. Giovese and Trebbiano grapes which are both among Tuscany’s most traditional grape varietals.

Additional varieties planted include Syrah and Chardonnay – grapes that have both become ‘traditional’ in the area since they were introduced to Lucca by Napoleon’s sister about 200 years ago – and Grechetto, a white grape whose origins go back to the Etruscan Age which is primarily used to produce our ‘Passito’.